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Whoa, whoa.. Never, ever thought in my life I would be at the receiving end of a heimlich maneuver! x_x

My parents and I went out for prime rib steaks for dinner and I was already drooling over our meal in the car on the way there. Everything was going fine til one of the pieces of steak got stuck.

I tried to drink more water but my body and mind instantly went into extreme panic mood. I remember getting up from my chair with my water glass and fell to the floor. I awoke to extreme pain throughout my body, the stomach area was the worst. I felt the maneuver three times when I awoke. Still being held back, I was able to grab at the piece of steak that was clogging my breathing.Thank goodness a nurse and her daughter who is a physical therapist were there to the rescue! 

I was really emotional after they sat me down and offered me water. I got a small cut from when the glass that was in my hand broke when I fell over. I'm still in shock over the whole incident, the craziest things seem to follow me! XD

I just took a relaxing bath. I'm replying to some emails and going to bed early. Goodnight and sweet dreams friends!

Pool time

Sep. 2nd, 2017 08:38 pm
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My dad put up a lovely pool for my mom and I this passing summer. Last night we were swimming with the heater on all day - it was amazing! :D It wasn't bath water warm but just perfect! I love to swim, it's great to move around after a big meal and just being completely free.


Aug. 30th, 2017 08:39 pm
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.. Where has the summer months gone?  Just one more day in August and September will be here. I will be the first to complain about the heat, humidity, refuse to go to the beach and run away from the sun but I much loved and enjoyed having the pool up for the summer. I adore the fall and the weather has been reflecting the upcoming season. 

I need to post more and catch up on friend entries. I must write out some letters and get back into Crossposting.. I still haven't even put up a bio on here.. My moods are up and down due to the not so lovely arrival of the monthly period. And I cannot possibly forget how much I wish I could be cuddling someone right now. -_- I loathe being single. 

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I had the pleasure of meeting up with a good friend, Cherany, who I've known through LiveJournal for years. I didn't sleep too much the night before, I was too anxious and excited to finally meet in person! Cherany is a such a sweet person. Her colorful outfits and kind positive attitude will put a smile on your face.

I made sure I made it into the city early so I would have extra time to grab some goodies to welcome her first trip to New York. I was going crazy looking all over for the foam statue of liberty crown often seen on tourists. I finally asked a store worker for help who pointed above me. I'm 4'10 so my neck doesn't crank that high.:P I grabbed one and became lost looking for a good flower shop. Beautiful ladies deserve beautiful flowers and I wanted to make her first day in NYC extra special. I picked out a mixed bouquet over simple roses because she's so colorful. :D

Next I wasted a whole bunch of time trying to hail down a taxi because I was too lazy to walk. I finally just took the subway which brought me right to the restaurant we planned to meet at.

So I ended up late, which I really, really, realllyyy hate not only being in general but it's just plain rude on my part. :/
Afterwards we arrived to see the ballet titled Whipped Cream right on time. The tickets were twenty seven dollars and I assumed we'd be looking at little dots. We actually had great seats! We were high up but I could see the whole stage. I had a great time, it was such a fun and unique time - my first ballet! :)

Of course I had to check the gift shop! I bought the stickers with the art from the inspiration of the show. We both agreed the pink shirt was too kiddishsh so I also purchased a black shirt.

Times Square was our last stop but we were both tired. I was pretty down when we had to say our goodbyes.

Us trying to get some of Times Square in the background :P 

It was a ultra fun time and I hope she'll visit again soon!


Jul. 10th, 2017 01:20 pm
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Dream Width looks like a comfy new home. :D While I am in the process of updating layouts, icons, and my profile; I give you my newest Funko Pops.



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